User Guides

Elements in Multiproxy Switch

Toobar Menu

Status bar

Context menu(right mouse click)
How To Add Proxies

Select "Manage Proxies" in Toolbar or Statusbar menu, you will see this window
Click "Add" button,
Then input proxy label, proxy address, proxy port, if you use SOCKS Proxy, please also check SOCKS Version, If you use Tor, you can refer above figure.

Configure This Tool

Set elements to display
3 check boxes to select to show Toolbar, Context Menu, Status bar.

When switch proxies, you can select "Clear my cookie" to clear the Cookie generated by the last web site you visited. The helps you for protecting your personal information. At the same time you can select "Reload current page", so you don't need to reload it by yourself.

Switch Proxies

After you add the proxies, you will see them in the Status Menu and Toolbar Menu, just click one to use. In Toolbar Menu, select the proxy then click "Apply" button to use.