The current version is 1.33 for Firefox 3.6

This tool lets you switch proxy between multiple configurations, and it's easy to manage, easy to configure.

If you are using more than one proxy, Multiproxy Switch should be the best extension for you, for someone already have FoxyProxy, and feel it's very complicated for configuration, now you have the chance to try Multiproxy Switch.

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Anonymous said...


Lirezh said...

Exactly what I was looking for!

PQK said...

Clear and Simple. Thx.

Would be nice posiibility to swith proxys via 3rd (middle) mouse button in task bar.

Justone said...

You got a bug.
When switching proxies where only the portnumber changes nothing happens.
It works when ip changes, it works when proxy type (socks 4 to socks 5) changes.

Fred said...

Justone said...

You got a bug.
When switching proxies where only the portnumber changes nothing happens.
It works when ip changes, it works when proxy type (socks 4 to socks 5) changes.
Do you mean that,


the IP is same, but different port number, you can't switch between them?

Justone said...

Hi Fred,
I'm suggesting your switcher on my website (cloakfish.com) as tool to switch proxies.
It's an anonymity service that works by opening socks proxies on localhost, only the ports are different.

I entered 4 socks 5 proxies:

Now switching to proxy #1 works.
Switching to any other proxy just reloads the page (as configured) but the proxy is not really set.

When looking in the original firefox settings you can see: proxy and port are entered CORRECTLY!
But it's not working.
If you hit OK on that window then it suddenly works.


So I tested a bit and found out that the proxy switcher only works if the IP or the socks type is changed.
If the only difference between two proxies is the port number, then the switcher enters those details into the firefox properties but they are not active.
(ff 3.0.4)
I tried using alternative socks 4 and socks 5, suddenly it works again.

Would be great to see a bugfix for that.

Justone said...

do you think you can fix this ?

Luigi said...

Good! Very good componente

Anonymous said...

Thx for a cool firefox plug-in! Is it possible to add a future feature which allows importing of a proxy list followed by how ever the rules need to be written via notepad/etc..?

Anonymous said...

importing of a proxy list
I agree with this idea

Anonymous said...


I used switch proxy before and now I'm using multiproxy switch.

But I have a problem:
I have 2 proxy configurations: one manual and one pac.
If I close firefox with no proxy selected ("Proxy: None"), when I start it, I see in the statusbar that there is no proxy selected (expected behavior), but there is in fact a proxy selected. The workaround is to reselect the "None" option.

Is this a known bug?
It's very annoying...


Anonymous said...

hi, i love this add-on

when will you have compatibility with firefox 3.5b??

thanks, david

Chascon said...

Great extension. Works like a dream for me, so far. Easy to use, and functional.

There are instances I find where I want to rotate IPs but I don't want to use Tor so is there ... Any chance of adding SwitchProxy's "rotating Adding an Anonymous Proxy Configuration" function?

It is based on SwitchProxy so I hope this might not be too hard to implement.

molezz said...

great addon.I write a blog to recommend this addon~~~

Anonymous said...

My absolute #1 FF add-on.

FF 3.5 support??

Kenneth said...

Using FireFox 3.5.

When you switch proxies and refresh a page, it seems to take a minute or two before it kicks in. This means you have to hit the refresh button more than once.

Any thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

great Add-on! I used to use the add-on of Jeremy, but since FF 3.5 that was not working anymore.

One function I would like to see is a import/export function for the proxies.

Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

In ThunderBird PAC file is NOT reloaded when switch.
I need the reload feature!

El Fer said...

this is what i was looking for simple and very usefull, 10x

Holger said...

I've replaced SwitchProxy Tool with your Multiproxy Switch because it works fine in Firefox version 3.5.
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping switchproxy alive.
Could you please make it compatible with FF3.5.1?


Anonymous said...

3.51 compatability needed.
Indeed 3.x compatability would be better - normally just a case of changing the installation file.

Anonymous said...

Multiproxy Switch is DESACTIVATED by Firefox 3.5.1. This Firefox is getting on my nerves. It pretends that Multiproxy is not compatible with 3.5.1. I guess that this is just a new bug in Firefox. This is really getting to be a nuisance. So now, I must downgrade to Firefox 3.5.0.

Anonymous said...

Here is the answer to all our problems: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6543 . This tools desactivate the damn checks! Amen!

Anonymous said...

can you please add support for proxies with username and password

Anonymous said...

A lot of bugs... since I installed this plugin firefox (3.5.1) crashes, and when it restarts, all the proxies in the list have disappeared :(
too bad.

Anonymous said...

on firefox3.5.2 work really fine. import/export would make it excellent

Tonik said...

Just excellent. But one more thing - pleaeeese add support of authentication proxy fields.. Please.

Josh said...

Could you add the option of switching proxys automatically based on the workstation's IP address/subnet ?

I switch quite frequently between two locations that are on different subnets, one requires a web proxy, the other does not. This would be extremely helpful!

Anonymous said...

great stuff.

As s.o. mentioned before I would like to have a import funciton as it was in switchproxy.

Thx and keep going.

Lajos said...

Great tool, with the same limitations as SwitchProxy used to have. When I have a proxy autoconfiguration script, it needs to be reloaded. This comes up when I get a different wireless subnet mask as I move around the company, and suddenly the proxy stops working. Even if I select None, then my proxy again, the PAC file is not reloaded. I have to go to options and manually reload the proxy script. Can you please fix this?

Anonymous said...

Awesome, is there a way that I can import and export the list of proxies?

Anonymous said...


Reza Sadeghi Parsa said...

Oh Thank you so much from Iran.
I was looking for a addon for Firefox 3 that will change my Proxy settings quickly and easily with just one click.

I am so happy i found this Multiproxy Switch by Google and it is working OK on FIrefox 3.5.1

Big Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Could you add the option of switching proxys automatically based on the workstation's IP address/subnet ?

I switch quite frequently between two locations that are on different subnets, one requires a web proxy, the other does not. This would be extremely helpful!

I second this...I also move between two locations, and would love to have it automatically switch.

Anonymous said...

Nice, but ...

No Proxy for for example 10.0.*.*
doesn't work (with the meaning of
Wrong syntax or bug ?

kleber said...

add locale/xx-XX
em:localelocale/pt-BR em:locale
to correct language locale path

Anonymous said...

Seems to be like Switchproxy tool, so is just nice. But please, just one suggestion - in the "Proxy info" dialog if i leave the label not filled - let it just be automatically set to ip:port format.
Nobody likes to type things twice, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh well, seems like label doesn't allow ip:port format.. very sad.
and also "add proxy" button should reside on the toolbar - that's much more comfortable. Since other good things won't work in firefox 3.5, you're our only hope yet. :)

toff68 said...

looks great,but the problem is, that when i close FF or it crashes all proxyies,which i configured before vanish :( - not very comfortable, at least if the import function would be there, than it wouldnt be so bad

Anonymous said...

Yes, i have the same problem as toff68! So, it's unusable yet..

martin said...

Good tool, but why proxies are disappearing as I turn off computer?
Or thats just problem i having?

administrator said...

Interesting. I had not come across multi-proxy switch before

(Anonymous Proxy)

Peter Amgalgen said...

Thx for this tool. I just deinstalled my SwitchProxy for it.
But what I miss is the "Automatic Detection" Option that FF provides in the "normal" Proxy settings. Is it possible to add that?

Anonymous said...

Great plugin : simple, clean, works great. Thank you !

timloe said...

I love Multiproxy Switch but in the last few days my proxy settings have been disappearing. OSX 10.6.1, FF 3.5.3

Anonymous said...

many thanks

I love this tool

actually, i used to use switchproxy but it have not been working lately

thats when i found this tool by chance

i also like the extra stuff in this tool.. thanks for the effort ^^

frankomat said...

thanks for this add-on!

but i found a small bug. :/

first, set a proxy with multiproxy switch (proxy1 ).
after this change the proxie settings the old fashioned way through firefox menues (proxy2). multiproxy will still display proxy1 but firefox will use proxy2.
can you please add a check when proxies get changed manually?

i found this bug because i was used to changing proxies by hand, and i forgot that i installed multiproxy switch. >.<
so i changed the proxy (as usual) during a surf session manually and later i noticed that multiproxy switch still did display the old proxy.

besides this small bug it's a great addon! will be one of my most used addons, so thanks for this one :)

Mike said...

I would love to have an icon in thunderbird for the proxy switch, as I do in Firefox using QuickProxy. A quick green/red swap out instead of a menu item.

Anonymous said...

Great work as a continuation of switchproxy for FF 3.5.x, thx again.

One feature request:
As a second default setting please build in a "Auto". This should set the FF proxy setting in auto mode to use the WPAD protocol. I set up this protocol in many networks but sometimes it's very useful to set a proxy explicitly.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Sir.

First, I would really like to THANK YOU for your effort in +++++++reliving this add-on.

Second, I hate the icons that are being use here. I'm using GNU/Linux and I don't want to see M$/Windows-like icons. so, please, change these two too the native XUL icons. On GNU/Linux the "Main" icon is the same as the Preferences icon under the Edit menu (M$/Windows: under Tools menu) and for the "Manage Proxies" you can use, instead, the blue Computer/LCD screen icon that all Firefox users can see when they browse on FTP website: see: ftp://ftp.kde.org/

Kind Regards,

Clarf said...

Great beginning,

Although first time I installed it and added a Proxy setting, the new proxy wasn´t shown until I restarted Thunderbird. Using 1.32 version on Thunderbird

I´ll like to see some option to add login or account settings for Corporative proxies that ask for user credentials.

Please keep working int his add-on, it´s just great.


Anonymous said...

Could you please make it installable on Seamonkey 2.0 ?

Nanang said...

Nice aplication!

Derrick Biddell said...

This thing works great, but where can I find the documentation on how to use it with a SOCKS5 Proxy, with Authentification (i.e. username / password)?

James Murray said...


Great Plugin, but can you please please add a time interval switch option? So you don't have to keep switching manually..Like an automatic switch every 30 seconds to a random IP on the list would be awesome!

Please reply if this is something you are going to add

Anonymous said...

perfect in firefox, it's a shame in thunderbird you can't click on the status bar entry to switch proxy etc as you can in firefox - would it be possible to add this? (I'm on thunderbird 2)


Anonymous said...


I have currently come up with a system using Firefox and a few addons (including MultiProxy) that can increase the Youtube count of any video. Currently I am able to give 1000-2000 views a day, but with some tweaks to MultiProxy plugin I could do a lot more. If you are interested in developing a Youtube view increaser that would sell A LOT, please contact me jhem_m@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


just testing MultiProxy Switch on SeaMonkey 2.1a1pre.
I have forced installer to accept by override the compatibility.
If it will be working, I'll let you know, will you make the new version also install on SeaMonkey ?


xafwodahs said...

First, thanks very much for creating this since SwitchProxy seemed dead.

The bug that I see (I think it was previously mentioned) is that even tho I have a proxy selected, when I open a new browser window, it says "Proxy: None".

This appears to just be a visual bug, since the correct proxy is, in fact, selected and works. It's just that the status bar shows the wrong info.

Anonymous said...

so the tests with SeaMonkey ...

Generaly the MultiProxy Switch appears to be working, it allows to switch the proxies successfully.

What behaves inconsistently (when multi-window SeaMonkey session) is the toolbar - only appears on one of the windows.

When toolbar is switched OFF, all looks just OK.

Humbert said...

Switchproxy used to have a little switch button between URL string and search string in Navigation bar. Is it possible to add this feature in you multiproxy?

Florian said...

I have recently switched to this tool from SwitchProxy. Being very content with the compactness of this tool.
I have a small request. I am visually oriented: is it possible to (optionally) change the text in the Status bar to icons?

Anonymous said...


thank you very much for this tool.
Obviously your tool has a bug, when you have too much proxies in the list. I currently have 17 and when I enter one more and restart firefox, the last entry vanishes. - When I try to create a new one (with the same name) your tool says, that the proxy is already in the list.

Anonymous said...

Best proxy addon!

When it will work together with Firefox 3.6 (beta)?

Cheers, Chris

Anonymous said...

german translation "Proxies Verwalten" should be "Proxies verwalten" (lowercase v)
plus note capitalization and hyphens, here is how 2 other strings SHOULD read:
"Manuelle Proxy-Konfiguration"
"Automatische Konfigurations-URL"

sabine said...


I use it on Firefox and it is great.
Does a chance exist that you also support in feature versions addons.mozilla.org/seamonkey?
I use still seamonkey a lot because of the html edit function and the support from it would really help!


Anonymous said...

Been using this in Firefox and Thunderbird for a while now. Thanks for a great add-on: simple and effective.

Just updated to Thunderbird 3.0, installed the add-on by tweaking the application version spec's in install.rdf (unpack multiproxy*.xpi archive, change relevant line in install.rdf, repack archive, install) - and so far the add-on seems to work fine, yay!

Are there any known incompatibilities that need more substantive tweaking?

[Xubuntu 9.10, Tb3.0 download from Mozilla website]

sabine said...


It is a great plugin fo Firefox.
Unfortunately it does not longer work for Seamonkey 2
Do you plan in the future to support this as well?
That would be very helpful!


Yuri said...

The Best!

When it will work together with Firefox 3.6?

sectoid said...

Thanks for a great addon!!!

Anonymous said...

Firefox v3.6 final support please ?!

Randy said...

How to make it 3.6 compatible:

1) Download version 1.32. Don't install it yet.
2) Change the extension from .xpi to .zip.
3) Open the zip file and extract 'install.rdf' to the desktop.
4) Open 'install.rdf' with Notepad.
5) Search for "em:maxVersion".
6) Change the value from '3.5.*' to '3.6.*' (I changed mine to '3.9.*' so I don't have to mess with it again until FF 4.0).
7) Save and close the file.
8) Drag this modified file back into the zip folder, replacing the original install.rdf file.
9) Close the zip folder and change the extension back to .xpi.
10) Drag this file onto an open Firefox window and install.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Randy!!! it worked!!

rares said...

When the version for Firefox 3.6 will be available?


Anonymous said...

please update to support 3.6 version of firefox.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Excellent. But let it work with the new Firefox 3.6.
Make it compatible pls.

Anonymous said...

Re. FF 3.6:

0. Uninstall Multiproxy Switch
1. Download multiproxy_switch_1.32.xpi
2. rename .xpi to .zip
3. Use Winzip/7-Zip or similar app to edit install.rdf
4. Search for "3.5.*" and change to "3.6.*"
5. Save and rename from .zip to .xpi
6. Install

rares said...

But when I make it compatibile to version 3.6 it has a problem.
For example I'm using a proxy in a network and I'm moving to another network and forgot to switch the proxy, the Firefox it takes something 2 minutes to load. If the proxy it is set correctly then it's fast, how it should be.
This was not happening on 3.5 so it needs some development on this part.


Johnxon said...

It doesn't have an option for the "Automatic proxy configuration URL".
Once a new proxy is selected, the predefined PAC address is gone!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Possible to upgrade yr extension to be compatible with FF 3.6?

Anonymous said...

Please add 3.6 support... I find this plugin so useful I can't upgrade Firefox until Multiproxy support comes!

Sven Giermann said...

I loved to find this add-on as a replacement for SwitchProxy!

BUT: Why are brackets invalid characters in Proxy Label?
I had to change this manually in editcommon.js...

And against the complaint from Johnxon it has an "Automatic proxy configuration URL", see also the German translation HERE

And to support the requests for FF3.6: WILL THERE EVER BE UPDATES AGAIN?

Hopefully also patching the "invalid chars" part...

Javad said...

Import proxy list feature is lacking

Anonymous said...

FF 3.6 support ???

Anonymous said...

new Version for FF 3.6 ???

Anonymous said...

Gtreat ADD ON for FF.....
Easly to use with only one click...
I think many users are waiting for new version compatible with FF 3.6

Mc said...

Great Add on... i love it thanks..

Anonymous said...

He that travels far knows much...................................................

Anonymous said...

says the latest version is 1.33 for FF 3.6

says the latest version is 1.32 for FF 3.5

and hence Firefox thinks the latest is 1.32

Michael said...

I had the old 1.32 Multiproxy installed. Upon upgrading Firefox to 3.6, I was told by the Firefox website that there is no update for my version of Multiproxy. Clearly this is incorrect, but I am not sure how to let the Mozilla know that you have an updated Multiproxy. I love this add-in and was postponing my Firefox upgrade.

Tsm® said...

Thanks a lot! Simle & usefull!

Ian said...

Great plug-in! I just updated to 1.33 and there's a bug with FF 3.6 on Mac OSX. After clicking and holding the menu in the status bar, moving the mouse up and down works as expected, but moving the mouse right and left moves the entire browser window.

Gaston Sanchez said...

Excelent plugin it works like a charm, just one thing, is possible to export/import configurations to makeit work on another computer.

Thanks in advance

sonicktruth said...

Seems I can't update to the latest version from within the browser. Are you going to submit the latest version so that the browser is aware of the latest version? thanks.

Anonymous said...

It's been said before - but can we have an import/export option? I have about 20 proxies set and can't find where this plugin stores the info - I'll do it manually if needed!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there a problem with V 1.33 ?
Why is the Mozilla website sticking with V 1.32 ?

Today Firefox prompted me to upgrade to version 3.6 I declined because Multiproxy 1.33 is not recognised by Mozilla yet.

Anonymous said...

The multiproxy version history says:
1.33 Updated for Firefox 3.6, this version can't be uploaded to AMO, please download it here

I find it worrying that there is no explanation of why it can't be uploaded to AMO, thus you are left to draw your own conclusions, some of which may be less charitable that others. Very sad.

As a result I am still using Firefox 3.5 and wondering what to use instead of this fantastic add-on.

Anonymous said...

I installed v1.32 from addons.mozilla.org (AMO) and compared the installed files with those in multiproxy_switch_1.33.xpi as downloaded from this web site.

Only 2 files have changed globals.js and install.rdf

The only differences between V1.32 and V1.33 are constants which stipluate its version number and the maxVersion of Firefox it will run in.

That being the case Why Why Why can V1.33 not been uploaded to AMO ?

Anonymous said...

This Add-On just plainly works. No more, no less, no hassle. Thank you very much!

umar said...


Anonymous said...

Somebody must optimize ProxySel or copy it functions. All others proxy extensions are crap.

Anonymous said...

I want to backup my settings and copy them from one PC to another.

Where dos Multirpoxy Switch store its settings pleas?

Krishna said...

thanks for the simple utility. It really works great

Anonymous said...

Looking to move configurations from a pc using the orginal SwitchProxy Tool, to another pc with the new Multiproxy Switch.

As i don't find the answer here and many people ask about it, old configuration are store in localstore.rdf in your FF profile folder, and new config is in separate multiproxy.rdf file.

Hope this help.

Snoxz said...


W_M_A said...

Great tool, using with FF3.6. Thanks

Undrline said...

Whenever I start FFx under the proxy configuration (versus none), I get asked to confirm my username/password to
moz-proxy://proxy-elr-ip04:80 ... I put in my network credentials. I'm assuming this is because I'm using a PAC that I can only access over VPN? I don't have this problem when I switch proxies manually in Options>Advanced>Network>Settings ... only when I'm using the add-on.

Anonymous said...

Currently the addon is only compatible with Thunderbird 2.0.x

I would really appreciate it if the compatebility could be extended to 3.0.4

sedi said...

Can you add the option to specify username and password please?.. please please please??....

I love this extension so much, i installed it on every pc I have.

The only problem is my proxy keep asking me for password whenever I am connecting through it the first time every day.

JD said...

Your work is great, just the very tool I want! I uninstalled FoxyProxy at once!

One minor suggestion: will it remember username/password of a proxy server? Thanks!!

Mouseri said...

Thank you very much for this simple and effective proxy switching addon. I prefer this to foxyproxy, which is not only bloated but is also unsecure according to the author itself and the Tor Project. It also works well with Torbutton.

Please add "Use system proxy settings" option or at least make it the default instead of "No proxy".

Anonymous said...

It's the best.
Would you add a small icon to replace the text on the statusbar please?
And like Foxyproxy, using different color for every proxy config.

The text takes too much space ,to me.

Anyway,thanks to your wonderful job.

takpar said...

i think the day multiproxyswitch support firefox 3.6 mozilla would see a huge increase of upgrading from 3.5!!

Anonymous said...

Can You think about adding the option "Auto detect proxy settings" so I can have a proxy entry using this option? If I use the "None" option, then I have to use firefox setting to use auto detect.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please update this for Firefox 4.

Anonymous said...

Please update this for Firefox 4 beta.

Anonymous said...

great extension! :)

Anonymous said...

Frank, could you provide an email address in order to have our (nl) locale added to the add-on?

Anonymous said...

it would be great if there was an option to automatically detect proxies so that wpad.dat could be used .. great tool thanks

miguel said...

Perfect plugin.

I've been using for over one year already.


ertpresso said...

Thank you for this simple extension. It makes its job very well. However to make my decision to use it firstly I must know if this extension is open source or not? Is it? If yes, where is its source code located?

Ram Tzu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Multiproxy Switch is an experimental addon. Experimental add-ons are newer add-ons which have not yet undergone our public review process. They are allpha or beta versions.

Kenny Haney
Youtube View Increaser

Mark said...

Thanks, just what I was looking for. I tried a couple, and this easily seems the best proxy switcher on Mozilla at the moment.

A minor point perhaps, but in the next update maybe you could improve the appearance of the toolbar button? Maybe similar to the Adblock plus button - an icon that changes when the proxy does, instead of the big rectangular text button?

Anonymous said...

Tnx. Switch proxy tool reincarnated!

Anonymous said...

Please update for FF4

Ilyan said...

Hello !
When will Multiproxy be compatible with FF4 (b8) ?

Anonymous said...

Exactement ce que je cherchais, simple et efficace.

Il manquerait juste la possibilité de revenir a une config par défaut au démarrage du navigateur

Merci !

Anonymous said...

Super tool, please keep up the good work. This toll saved lot of time because I test a proxy product and have loads of different installation of proxy builds installed and have to switch everytime until now i use to create multiple profile this toll saves lot of time for me while testing. Please update it to work with FF4 too

Anonymous said...

Could you please write a tutorial / user guide or provide a link for it.
Maybe provide a list of proxies?

Anonymous said...

please support firefox 4!

Anonymous said...

Please support firefox 4, 3x

Anonymous said...


this tool is a very good idea...
But - why the hell are all my proxies on my list gone after closing my browser and reopening it???

Please improve this!

XSAk said...

For Firefox 4.0 - Proxy Selector is a fork of MultiProxy Switch: https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/proxy-selector/

Dave said...

It is a great pity that this superb add-on seems like it is falling by the wayside. It is now no longer listed in the Mozilla Add-ons and if the developer has not the time to spend on further improvements it may no longer be modified to work with future versions of Firefox. I do hope this is not the case!

exalute said...

Mozilla firefox 4 just released now. but multyproxy switch not compatible with this, please update for Mozilla 4 now

Steff said...

Multiproxy Switch for Firefox 4:

Anonymous said...

please update to FF 4
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Support for Firefox 4 please!

Thank you for Multiproxy Switch. I use it literally every day.

Anonymous said...

To pile on, please update this for FireFox 4. It is a great add-on!


Anonymous said...

great addon! firefox 4 would be nice :)

Anonymous said...

Any plans for Firefox 4?

greybeard said...

I can confirm that Steff's suggestion of March 22 works. The trick for me was that I had to edit the install.rdf file inside the .zip file using 7-Zip, otherwise Firefox told me that the .xpi file was corrupt (after I renamed the edited .zip file back to .xpi).

Thanks, Steff!

Anonymous said...

Please please update it for FF4!

Anonymous said...

Please update it for firefox 4

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this effective tool. But now FF 4 is out. when the compatible version is comming?

Anonymous said...

Firefox 4 please! All it needs is the internal max-version changed.

Also highly wanted, would be an option to enable/disable the "network.proxy.socks_remote_dns" option for each proxy.

The socks_remote_dns option only applies to socks proxy, and currently I have several of those configured, some should use proxy DNS, some not.

Anonymous said...

Please update for 4.0!

Anonymous said...

A great add-on.
Hope to see for firefox 4 soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks for the great Add-on.
Is there a new version for FF 4.x planed?

Anonymous said...

Please update it to FF4.0.

Many Thanks

jmccrohan said...

I've modified Multiproxy Switch for Firefox 4.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this
easy to manage
is there any update of mulitproxy switch for FF4?

Plain Old Phil said...

Like XSAk said, "For Firefox 4.0 - Proxy Selector is a fork of MultiProxy Switch: https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/proxy-selector/ ". I've started using it and it works great!

Anonymous said...

What about version for Firefox 4?

Hem said...

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Hem said...

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Anonymous said...

Suggestion. Make Multiproxy Switch to work from the file text (example:proxy txt).Tanks !(Sorry for my english,im romanian)

jmccrohan said...

Updated to provide Firefox 5.0 support.


Anonymous said...

Thx for this great little tool.
I prefer it, because it shows you all the time on the screen, weather or which proxy you use, without having to right click on any icon.
It is a pity, that you did not develop it further for the newer versions of Firefox. But I found a solution to use your tool under Firefox 4 and even v.5.
I use an add on, that kills the capability check of Firefox.
90% or more of the older add ons still work in newer Firefox versions, but Firefox does not allow it. If you install "add_on_compatibility_reporter-0.8.5-fx_tb_sm.zip" (Google for it), you can activate older add ons again. And Multiproxy Switch works fine again under Firefox 5.

Anonymous said...

Do you plan to update it for FF 5? Would be really great.

Anonymous said...

Update for Firefox 6:

Dmitry said...

Do you have a version for Thunderbird?

Anonymous said...

Could you please update it for FF 7?

Anonymous said...

When are you going to update this to support the latest version of FF?

Anonymous said...

any chance of updating for FireFox 11?

Anonymous said...

For firefox 12 -> https://github.com/antonmry/Multiproxy-Switch/blob/master/Multiproxy%20Switch%201_40.xpi

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Angus said...

Thanks, your proxy addon is very good. Now I'm using another one, a very simple one but really good. It is just an icon, you activate with one click and deactivate with another, no other configuration. When it's activated it automatically obtains a working proxy and then you are browsing anonymousl. You can install it without restart from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/one-click-proxy/

Anonymous said...

Another very simple Proxy Selector/Switcher is Proxy Selector. "Proxy Selector lets you switch local proxies in Firefox.
It is a fork of Multiproxy Switch by McFred"

Nadia Khan said...

Clear and Simple. Thx.

Would be nice posiibility to swith proxys via 3rd (middle) mouse button in task bar.

Unblock Proxy

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